Volunteer Food Runners

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CFR’s matching tool is now a free mobile app.

Once you’ve signed up for your CFR  web application account, download the companion Chow Match on Google Play store (Android) or Apple Store (I-phones).

All current Volunteers! Please sign the 2016 volunteer agreement HERE.


Community Food Rescue success depends on volunteers who can transport food from businesses to hunger relief organizations. Join us if you have a vehicle, good driving record, and a few extra hours to transport food on a regular, weekly basis or just for a one-time food run. This is a great activity for individuals, families, or groups. Delivering donated food is easy with CFR’s Web application that matches food donations with hunger relief organizations and volunteer food runners.

Why should I participate as a CFR Volunteer Food Runner?

  • You will help fill bellies instead of the landfill. In Montgomery County, 23% of all solid waste is food waste and 79,000-81,000 (8%) of residents do not know where their next meal will come from.
  • Your help in transporting food donations will help achieve the County’s recycling goal of 70% by 2020
  • Participants are protected from food-borne illness liability through the Good Samaritan Act.
  • Volunteers will learn about safe food handling and transportation practices in CFR’s Food Safety Guide.

Support food businesses that donate unsold food by frequenting their establishments. Ask the proprietors, “Do you donate unused food?”

Sign Up and Use CFR’s Matching Web Application

This is the information you will need in order to complete your profile to use the Web app.

Create a Profile
  • Create a login name and password. Use this each time you use the Web app.
Enter contact information including:
  • Mobile phone number and carrier
  • Whether it’s ok to send texts for last minute requests or cancellations. (checkbox)
  • Vehicle size (sedan, SUV, truck). Select the largest vehicle available if more than one.
  • Whether you have a valid driver’s license. Y/N (check box)
  • Your auto insurance company name
  • Your auto insurance policy number
  • Whether you are Interested in weekly, REGULAR food runs? (checkbox)
  • Whether you are interested in ONE TIME food runs (check box)
  • Select which of the four  County quadrants you’d like to pick up food in or check all (view map of quadrants
  • If you are affiliated with a group and wish to be listed as part of that group, select from the list, or choose none. If you’d like to add a new group that’s not listed here, email cheryl@communityfoodrescue.org.
  •  Indicate whether you can load a donation from a food business without needing assistance Y/N?

Login to your CFR account and update your profile anytime.

Learn About Food Safety

Volunteers play an important role in maintaining the safety of donated food. We ask that all volunteers review safe food handling guidelines and view the CFR safe food handling  video.  All volunteers will take a short online quiz as part of the registration process. The quiz is approximately 20 multiple choice questions. You will receive an email confirming that you’ve passed or if not, you can review and take the quiz again.

Once you complete your profile and pass the safe food handling quiz, your account will be activated. You will receive a CFR cap and car magnet in the mail. Please display these for identification on each food run.

Accepting A Food Run

When a business posts a food donation, it is automatically matched with a food assistance organization. All volunteer food runners within their selected quadrant will receive email requests for transportation. The first volunteer to accept the food run will get it. Once a volunteer food runner accepts the run all parties are notified with details and contact information.

Going on a Food Run

CFR works closely with the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services to develop safe food handling protocols, including using a food donation tracking form.

  • Print and take a copy of the Food Donation Tracking Form on every food run.
  • To view a check list of items to take on  a food run, click HERE
  • Leave the completed form with the recipient organization to keep them on file to satisfy health regulations.

After a Food Run

After a food run, login to your account and rate your food run experience online. Your feedback improves the food run experience for everyone and helps CFR improve the system overall.

We Celebrate Food Recovery!

We celebrate food donors and recipient organizations working together. We’re partnering with Food Recovery Certified to give food businesses the opportunity to become a nationally recognized certified food donor.

Community Food Rescue joins Food Recovery Certified to celebrate businesses that donate their unsold food. Look for this sticker.

Tell food donors that CFR offers a free one-year certification to the first 15 businesses that sign up—that’s a $100 value. For more information, visit the Food Recovery Certified website.

Please refer to other CFR website pages for more details about safe food handling and transportation, free training and publications, liability protection, and FAQs.

Do you have any questions? If you can’t find the answer on the CFR website, please email cheryl@communityfoodrescue.org or call us at 240.268.2502.

Click HERE to sign up or login to use CFR’s FREE matching Web application.

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