Food Assistance Organization FAQs

These are frequently asked questions about receiving donated food and using CFR’s matching Web application.

Q: Who can receive donated food?

Hunger relief/social service organizations that provide food–including shelf stable, fresh, frozen, or prepared–to people in need of supplemental food in Montgomery County. The recipient organization must have a Federal Tax ID number or EIN.

Q: Can recipients sign up their donors?

No, donors must create their own login and profile. Donors can learn more HERE

Q: Our hunger relief organization currently receives donated food from several food businesses. How will CFR honor established relationships?

When donors schedule a food donation, they can select a food assistance organization that is already in the CFR network if desired.  If you are a recipient organization, tell your food donors to select your organization when they create a food run.

Q: What’s the sequence of match making and scheduling a food run?

When a donor schedules a food donation run, the Web app. automatically matches a recipient organization based on both profiles. Then an email request is sent to all volunteers within the vicinity of the donor. The first volunteer to claim the run gets it. An email confirmation is sent to the donor, recipient, and volunteer with the run details and contact information.

Q:  What if the recipient organization is on vacation or the refrigerator breaks down and they can’t take delivery for a period of time?

IMPORTANT! All active recipients will automatically be matched to receive donations according to their profile. If a recipient is unable to receive donations, they must change their profile to “inactive” status until they can resume receiving donations.  Recipients can  also adjust their profile at any time.

Q: Is there a minimum donation?

Yes, it is 10 meals or 12 lbs. We encourage donors to aggregate and freeze amounts less than that and schedule a donation when they achieve this minimum.

Q: If recipients don’t want a particular food type (eg: bread and pastries) can they specify this in their profile?

Yes, recipients check off food types they can receive. The recipients need to know that by eliminating categories, they reduce opportunities for receiving donations. For example, if a recipient organization doesn’t want bread or pastry, and the donor has bread along with other types of food, the Web app. is more likely to match the donation with another organization that is willing to accept all food types.

Q: What if no volunteer claims the run, can the organization still get the donation by picking it themselves?

Yes!. The recipient organization’s staff can sign up as volunteer food runners. They will be able to see if a food run is claimed by a volunteer first, and if not, they can claim the food run and pick it up themselves.

Q: What happens if a donation is not picked up? What happens if a donation is offered late at night, and no volunteer responds?

The donor is advised to chill or freeze and store the donation until the next day, and post it again as a new donation. The donor can also choose to take it to the recipient themselves.

Q: What if no one is at the recipient organization to receive food?

If food is delivered but no one is there to accept delivery, the volunteer food runner should first try to call the recipient listed on the confirmation email. If that fails, the volunteer should contact the  CFR Administrator and ask for a back-up recipient organization to deliver food. The administrator will reroute the donation if at all possible to avoid wasting the food and make the recipient organization inactive until the she speaks with the organization about future donations.

Q: How is the amount of food that is donated recorded?

Food donations are entered by food donors when they schedule a food run. For regular, repeated runs with similar quantities and types of foods, donation information is entered one time and the information is automatically aggregated for each run. If food is donated as a one-time run, food donors post the types of food and quantities of each. Food run information is aggregated. IMPORTANT: Donors or Recipients should update the amount of food donated if it differs from what was posted to accurately capture the amount of rescued food. 

 Q:  How can participants obtain information about how much food was donated/received? Our hunger relief organization needs these numbers when applying for grants. Food donors may also need this information to obtain enhanced tax credits.

CFR administrators can run aggregated reports at the end of the calendar year and upon request from any participant. The Web app does not allow participants to run their own reports in this version. We will add this function to our wish list as a future enhancement.

Q:  What do I need to do after a food run?

Login to your account, click on the down arrow under Recipient> My Food Runs> click on the listed food run

  • Click on the star icon to rate the food run and provide comments. This feedback will benefit all participants and CFR as a system.
  • Click on the check mark icon to Electronically sign that the food you received was received according to CFR food safety guidelines
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit the amount of food donated if it differs from what was  originally posted.

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