Food Assistance Organizations

Click HERE to sign up or login to use CFR’s FREE matching Web application.

CFR’s matching tool is now a free mobile app.

Once you’ve signed up for your CFR  web application account, download the companion Chow Match on Google Play store (Android) or Apple Store (I-phones).

Join Community Food Rescue to receive donated food if you are a hunger relief/social service organization that provides food– including shelf stable, fresh, frozen, or prepared– to people in need of supplemental food. It’s free and easy with CFR’s Web application that will match food donations with hunger relief organizations and  volunteer food runners for transportation. Food recipient organizations must be non-profit organizations with a Federal Tax ID or EIN.

Why should my organization use Community Food Rescue to receive donated food?
  • CFR participants adhere to CFR Food Safety Guidelines
  • Save money on your food budget
  • CFR offers safe food handling training, videos,  and resources
  • Maintain relationships with your current food donors
  • Receive summary reports totaling amount of food your organization is given
  • Fill bellies instead of the landfill. 23% of solid waste in Montgomery County is food waste. Help the 80,000 County residents who may not know where their next meal will come from.
  • Your participation counts toward a countywide goal of reducing food waste by 20%.

Sign up to Receive Food donations

Create  User and Organizational Profiles
  • Create a login name and password. Use this each time you use the Web app.
  • Create your organizational profile completing this information:
    • Enter your Federal Tax ID (or EIN) number into your profile. Food recipient organizations must have this to participate.
    • Select one person to receive all the email correspondence about CFR food runs. You may add or change the main contact at any time
    • List hours when your can receive and unload food. Please note that recipient organizations are expected to unload food donations; volunteer food runners may or may not be physically able to help you.
    • Enter the number of people you serve in a year.
    • Check the types of foods you typically receive as donations from these categories:
      • Frozen grocery items (frozen entrees, ice cream, vegetables/fruits, waffles)
      • Refrigerated grocery items (dairy, cut produce, eggs, pre-packaged salads/sandwiches, raw meat)
      • Produce (fruits and vegetables)
      • Shelf stable foods (cans, boxes, bottles)
      • Prepared foods donated hot
      • Prepared foods donated chilled or frozen
      • Baked goods (bread, pastries, cakes, cookies etc.
    • Enter the amount of food that you can accept in a food run. Enter a number and select the appropriate unit (e.g. lbs., trays, or banana boxes).
    • Add special instructions so that a volunteer can find your location, parking, front door, etc.
Tips for participating
  • If your staff or volunteers have transportation, sign up as a volunteer food runner. You will be notified when a food donation is matched to your organization and then if a volunteer doesn’t accept the run to transport it to you, a member of your staff claim the run and transport it.
  • IMPORTANT! If at any time your organization can not accept donated food, you must change your profile to “inactive”, otherwise, you may receive food that you can not use.
  • All of your organization’s established relationships with food donors will be honored when the donor selects your organization’s name when they schedule a food run. Check with all your established donors to make sure that they select your organization at the time they schedule a food donation.
Receiving Food Donations
  • Once you complete your organization’s profile your account will be activated. Your designated contact person will receive an email when food donation matches are made and food runs are scheduled. You can also login to your account at any time to check on scheduled food runs.
  • Matches are based on the information in your profile including: types of food, amount of food, timing, and location. When a match is made, the food run will be scheduled automatically during your designated hours. You can update any profile changes online anytime.
  • Volunteer food runners will ask you to sign the Food Safety Tracking Form upon receipt of the food. Retain these forms in your files to satisfy county health regulations in case there is ever an issue with food safety.
After a Food Run

In your online account, complete these three tasks:

  • Electronically sign that you received the food according to CFR Safe Food Handling Guidelines
  • Update the amount of food received if it is different than the amount the donor posted. This is important to ensure accuracy in reporting aggregated totals for all food runs that we report to the County.
  • Rate food run experience online. Your feedback will improve the food run experience for everyone and helps CFR improve the system overall.
  • Refer to CFR’s Food Safety Guidelines about foods that can and cannot be donated, safe food packaging, labeling, and storage requirements. We work closely with the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services to develop safe food handling protocols.
  • Refer to CFR website pages for more details about receiving donated food, safe food packaging and handling, free training and publications, liability protection, and FAQs.
  • CFR offers tool kits (while supplies last) to recipient organizations including log sheets, thermometers and alcohol swabs to take the temperature of prepared foods, labels, thermal bags and ice packs to keep food cold during transport if needed. Loan these out to volunteers when needed.
We Celebrate Food Recovery!

We celebrate food donors and recipient organizations working together. All CFR network participants are recognized  with a donor certificate and on the CFR website, blog posts, E-Newsletters, and social media.

Businesses can proudly display this eye-catching sticker signifying their commitment to food recovery.

In addition, our partner Food Recovery Certified (FRC) offers food donors national certification. Tell your food donors that CFR offers a free one year certification to the first 15 businesses that sign up—that’s a $100 value. For more information, visit the Food Recovery Certified website.


Do you have any questions? If you can’t find the answer in Recipient FAQ’s or within the CFR website, please email or call us at 240.268.2502.

Click HERE to sign up or login to use Community Food Rescue’s FREE matching Web application.

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  1. can someone call me asap. I have a large food donation to amqake but dont know how to do it. Mike Jones The American Taproom 301-656-1366

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