Food Donors

Click HERE to sign up or login to use CFR’s FREE matching Web application.

CFR’s matching tool is now a free mobile app.

Once you’ve signed up for your CFR  web application account, download the companion Chow Match on Google Play store (Android) or Apple Store (I-phones).

Community Food Rescue makes it easy for licensed food businesses such as restaurants, caterers, groceries, farmers, farmer’s markets, and institutions in Montgomery County to donate food. Use CFR’s free Web application to match with and redirect unsaleable and unused foods to hunger relief organizations.

There is no cost to use this Web app. You will be matched with a hunger-relief organization  and volunteer food runner that meets your criteria for donation.  Matches are based on your profile including: type and quantity of food, proximity, and timing.

Donors may schedule food runs on a regular, reoccurring basis with the same recipient organization. Donors may also schedule one-time food runs.

If you currently donate food to a recipient organization, CFR honors your established relationships. When posting a food donation, select the organization that you already donate food to (the recipient must also be a CFR web app. user).

Why should my business donate food?
  • Fill bellies instead of the landfill. In Montgomery County, 23% of all solid waste is food waste and 80,000 (8%) of residents may not know where their next meal will come from. Your food donations will help achieve the County’s recycling goal of 70% by 2020.
  • Make your food donations count toward our countywide goal of reducing food waste by 20%.
  • Protect against liability automatically through the Federal Good Samaritan Act.
  • Take an enhanced tax deduction (for designated business entities).
  • Promote your business through CFR’s recognition program.
  • Distinguish your business through Food Recovery Certification. The first 15 businesses to participate in CFR will receive a free one year certification!

 How to Sign-Up and Use the Web Application

Create a Profile
      • Create a login name and password. Use this each time you use the Web app.
      • Enter your business name. If you are a licensed Montgomery County food business, your account will be activated immediately. If not, your profile will be reviewed and you may be asked to provide additional information about your business to ensure food safety. You will be notified, usually within 48 hours, when your account is active.

Schedule Food Donations and Pick-Ups

You can post both one-time food donations and regular, weekly scheduled food donations . For regular donations, you only have to list your regular food runs once and update the run when something changes.

  • Login to your account HERE. Click on DONATE and login.
  • Once in your account, click on Donor dropdown menu>schedule a food run.
  • Follow the screen prompts including:
    • List the date and time frame for the donation, donation amount, type categories,  brief description of donation and any special instructions of where the volunteer picks up the food.
    • (Optional) Select the organization that you have an established relationship with (the recipient must already be part of the CFR network).

As soon as you post a food donation, the Web app will match your donation in real time with a hunger relief organization in the CFR network. You will receive the first of two emails confirming a match with a recipient organization.  Next, an email food run request is sent to all the volunteer food runners in your vicinity. As soon as a volunteer accepts the run, all parties are notified with details and contact information. If you need to cancel a scheduled run, you may do so online.

During a Food Run
  • Prepare food for donation. Refer to CFR’s Food Safety Guidelines about foods that can and cannot be donated, safe food packaging, labeling, and storage requirements.
  • When the volunteer arrives, provide time/temp information about the food (if needed) and sign the tracking form.
After a Food Run

Go into your CFR account to complete three tasks:

  • Electronically sign that the food has been handled according to CFR safe food handling practices.
  • Rate you food run experience. Your feedback will improve the food run experience for everyone and helps CFR improve the system overall.
  • Update the amount of food that was actually donated if it differs from the amount you posted. This information is used to accurately report the total amount of food that is being donated.
We Celebrate Food Donors!

We celebrate food donors and recipient organizations working together. Your business will be listed on the CFR website, in blog posts, E-newsletters and social media. CFR also partners with Food Recovery Certified (FRC), as a nationally-recognized third party certification.

Community Food Rescue joins Food Recovery Certified to celebrate businesses that donate their unsold food. Look for this sticker.

For a limited time, the first 15 CFR donors can receive a one year FRC certification —that’s a $100 value. For more information and to sign up, visit the Food Recovery Certified website.

Please refer to these CFR webpages for more details about, enhanced tax deductions, liability protection, Food Donor FAQs and Web application FAQs.

Click Here  to sign up or login to CFR’s free Web Application

Do you have any questions? If you can’t find the answer  in Donor FAQs, please email or call us at 240-268-2502.

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