Make Rescued Food Count!

Calling all Montgomery County Food Assistance Organizations! How much rescued and donated food did you receive in 2015?

How much rescued food did your  Montgomery County food assistance organization receive in 2015? Community Food Rescue needs your help!  Click HERE to complete a short survey of rescued or donated food you received in 2015.

We’re aggregating the amount of food that was rescued or donated throughout Montgomery County. This aggregated total will be the most comprehensive county tally of how much food is being rescued and redirected to people experiencing hunger. The information is critical to show the good work of hunger relief organizations and work toward the County’s food waste reduction goals.

Rainbow CDC_potatoes!
Make your voice and pounds count! Add your numbers to the 2015 survey of donated food.

Take just a few minutes to complete our online survey to add your voice and pounds received so that together, we can feed more and waste less. You can complete the survey even if you aren’t part of the CFR network or using the CFR matching tool.  We’ll send all respondents our 2015 donated food aggregation report.

Rescued Food Baseline

In 2014 Community Food Rescue established a baseline for aggregating the amount of rescued food. Eleven food assistance organizations reported their donated food amounts, for people, animals, and compost. Our baseline was 3.4 million lbs. of food, valued at $8.8 million.  This information was shared among our stakeholders including funders, County officials, CFR network participants, and the general public.

We know that there are many more organizations that provide groceries, fresh produce, frozen food and prepared meals to those experiencing hunger. As we build our CFR network and more organizations report their tallies, we expect our numbers to grow.

Please complete your organization’s survey by February 15, 2016. Contact if you have any questions. Click HERE for the survey link. Thanks in advance for your participation!


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