CFR’s Matching Web Application Launches!

Click HERE to register and begin using CFR’s FREE Web application.

Community Food Rescue’s new Web application launched on Sept 8th! Montgomery County licensed food businesses that have surplus food to donate can now easily connect with food assistance organizations that provide food to people experiencing hunger.

CFR's new Web app makes it easy for food businesses to donate surplus food to hunger organizations.
CFR’s new Web app makes it easy for food businesses to donate surplus food to hunger organizations.

“I feel like we all have given birth today!” Jacki Coyle, Executive Director of Shepherd’s Table, exclaims. Jacki chaired the initial Food Recovery Working Group in January 2013. “This day gives me great joy. I think at our very first meeting we articulated the need to have a system (an app) to connect everyone.”

The CFR web application uses modern technology to make it easier for surplus food from local businesses to get into the hands of Montgomery County residents experiencing hunger. Designed by Peninsula Food Runners, the software is the Uber of food recovery. The Community Food Rescue network includes–  a growing number of food assistance organizations  and companies that recover and redistribute perfectly good food to people experiencing hunger.

“This is just the program we need around here,” says Robert Pietrobono, owner of the restaurant Olazzo. “I recently had to throw away some food from a catering event and it was such a waste. If I knew I could donate it to a worthy cause, I would have been happy to do so. I’m really looking forward to being part of the program.”

Prior to the launch of the Web app, CFR network participants posted food donations to a small group list serve and hoped someone would respond. Recent CFR network food donors include– farmer, Amanda Cather, owner of Plow and Stars Farm in Poolesville, MD. In the height of the growing season, she donated 300 lbs. each of beautiful, chemical free cucumbers, zucchini, and summer squash.

Donated fresh produce
Donated fresh produce

Sophia Maroon, owner of Dress it Up Dressing has donated 50 gallons of Champagne salad dressing that went to several network food assistance organizations. Their clients raved about the dressing. Now, with the new Web app, Amanda, Sophia and many others can easily post their donations and instantly be matched with a hunger organization and a volunteer food runner to transport the food.

A food runner brings a donation to Shepherd's Table in his car.
A food runner from The Lord’s Truck brings a donation to Shepherd’s Table in his car.

Jacki Coyle was one of the first people to sign up on the Web app. She’s excited to receive more donated food to incorporate into the 150 nutritious dinners Shepherd’s Table serves its clients every night of the year. “We will feed more hungry people!  Imagine an application making this possible”, she beamed with pride.  Then she clarified, “We all know that it is the human heart behind the Web application that makes all the difference.”

To learn more about how CFR’s Web application works and to sign up for the FREE Web app, visit these CFR Web pages:

Food Donor Businesses

Recipient Organizations

Volunteer Food Runners

Click HERE to register and begin using CFR’s FREE Web application.

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