Congratulations to Mini-Grant Awardees

Building the capacity of agencies to rescue more food to feed more neighbors has been a focus of the Community Food Rescue network since the original Montgomery County work group endorsed a plan to create a coordinated system.  This summer a committee of local leaders was convened by Intentional Philanthropy to help Community Food Rescue (CFR) solicit, evaluate and award $40,000 in grants that demonstrated the ability to feed more and waste less.

The Committee consisted of the following local leaders:

  1. Clark Beil, Sr. Administrator, Licensure and Regulatory Services, Department of Health and Human Services in Montgomery County and the primary funder of Community Food Rescue
  2. Wendy Mackie, Burness, a local business that is a champion of innovative solutions to confront local hunger
  3. Susan Callahan, Faculty, Hotel and Restaurant Management at UMES and member of the MoCo Food Council,
  4. Valerie Ervin, Executive Director of the Participatory Democracy Project and former County Council member
  5. Anna Hargrave, Senior Program Officer, The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region
  6. Shondra Jenkins, Executive Director of the Sodexo Foundation; and Director, Community Relations at Sodexo
  7. Chef Tony Marciante, owner/chef of Chef Tony’s Restaurant and member of the MoCo Food Council, which advises Community Food Rescue in its efforts
  8. Sarah Miller, Capital Projects Manager, Department of Economic Development, Montgomery County
  9. Lindsey Smith, Planning and Food Systems Consultant
GrowingSoul cooking
Jessica Weiss, GrowingSoul, cooks with help from Jenna Umbriac, RD, Manna Food Center,in the kitchen of Silver Spring United Methodist, at the March 2015 Food Council meeting.

“Bringing together such a diverse group of experts helps our network surface and invest in nonprofit organizations committed to ending hunger,” said Jackie DeCarlo, Executive Director of Manna Food Center, which coordinates Community Food Rescue in collaboration with Full Plate Ventures.  “We asked Intentional Philanthropy to convene a diverse group of stakeholders so that we could have a broad view of work that needs to be supported and sustained.”

The following awardees were eligible for awards of up to $10,000 to build their capacity to rescue food:

Additional funding to support collaborative innovations in the food sector are expected to be awarded in the fall.  For more information, contact Jackie DeCarlo at 240.268.2524


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