Food Recovery in Action

Pat Drumming and helper sort through Coastal Sunbelt's produce donation
Rainbow CDC received 7,000 lbs. of fresh produce and dairy from Coastal Sunbelt in a single pickup.

It’s hard to picture what 3.4 million pounds of rescued food looks like, or what it takes to collect, repurpose, repackage, redistribute and receive this food. It’s hard to imagine that this food is valued at $8 million. Eleven hunger relief organizations reported these numbers in 2014—the first time that data about recovered food has been aggregated in Montgomery County. And we know there’s a lot more food being recovered every day that hasn’t yet been recorded.

  • 3.4 M lbs. of food rescued in 2014 by 11 hunger relief organizations valued at $8 million
  • 65,000 lbs. of food scraps donated for animal feed by Manna Food Center to Rocklands Farm in 2014
  • 236 tons of food composted by growingSOUL in 2014
  • 117% percent increase in participation in CFR since inception in Jan. 2013 (from 12 to 26 organizations)
  • 4,000 approximate number of licensed food businesses in Mont. County with the potential for donating or receiving rescued food

But numbers don’t tell the whole story. Even more impressive are the hunger relief organizations, businesses, volunteers who are the heart and hands of food recovery.

We created “Food Recovery in Action” to celebrate organizations that rescue food and tackle hunger in Montgomery County. Please take a few minutes to view this presentation and be inspired by their good work in:

HH_Odd Squash
Hungry Harvest sells “ugly produce” and distributes free fresh produce to those who are food insecure.

Redeeming ugly vegetables, preparing a healthy meal, turning compost into a growing enterprise, giving with respect and humility, filling bellies instead of landfills, working together to feed our community, growing relationships from farm to food bank, turning scraps into soil with red wrigglers, and

Shepherd’s Table serves the Silver Spring community with compassionate service.

gathering people around a table, feeding their bodies and spirits through compassionate service!

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