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Community Food Rescue is a new initiative to develop a coordinated food recovery system throughout Montgomery County, Maryland. This system enhances the good work of businesses, agencies, and organizations that already recover perfectly good food before it is thrown away.

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Using a systems approach, our goal is to reduce food that is still being wasted and redirect it to hunger relief agencies that serve those in need.

The Council is investing in this collaboration as a way to make strides in reducing food insecurity.–Craig Rice, Montgomery County Council President

Every year in Montgomery County, Maryland…

Kids Cook Class

A food recovery effort should be created in Montgomery County to provide our low income residents with assistance and to bolster our non-profit community partners who focus on issues associated with hunger.– Montgomery County Council Resolution # 17-564

Community Food Rescue will:
  • Establish standards and protocols for handling and transporting recovered food;
  • Use a match-making platform between food donors and recipient agencies; and
  • Create an information sharing, incentives, and recognition program for participants.

If you have food to donate now, prior to our system launch, click here.

Learn more and follow our progress through this website, blogs, newsletter, and Facebook page.


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because food is a terrible thing to waste


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